Vanity Fair & HBO Screening of “The Deuce” season 2 starring James Franco

Vanity Fair & HBO Screening of “The Deuce” season 2 starring James Franco partnered on the recent private
advanced screening of HBO’s hit The Deuce starring James Franco. The show focuses  on 42nd street known as the Deuce in the 1970 /early 80’s NYC when the streets were filled not with box retailer stores and Disney theaters but X rated movies, peep shows and lots and lots of massage parlors. James Franco plays two brothers and their journey through this mob ruled nightlife that they both are involved in. You get to know the prostitutes, their pimps, the local cops both good and bad and the owners of these X rated buisness and also follows Maggie Gylnehaal’s character Candy into the budding world of porn movie biz.

If it sounds sleazy well it is but its so well acted and so well designed from he sets to costumes thats you are transfixed upon this slice of NYC life that rarely ever gets much coverage at least not as their being real people with real lives and the reasons they ended up on The Deuce The characters are so real with believable  and  interesting back stories. The sets and costumes so amazing down to the smallest detail that you feel immersed in this seedy dangerous world that these people for what ever reason have brought them to this one street , in which they have gained acceptance and now a family. That’s not to say it’s all puppies and rainbows on the contrary it’s filled with violence death and demeaning treatment of women but it finds a way for you to care and want to see more.

We invited our Invitation Only members who were invited down to the Quad Cinema and were greeted with popcorn candy and fun little items that influenced from the show like the Deuce branded ayigncars key chains etc.

After the screening in a small private screening room there was a Q&A with the which is always so interesting and rare insight into the creative process. With question tsken from the audience which is always fun because you never know what will be asked.
After there was a vip after party with open bar, the decide featured cocktail and tons of food. Everyone had an amazing experience as Vanity Fair hold some of the greater events today remember they have the most anticipated party of the year at the Oscars.

So we are thrilled to be able to offer this rare exclusive experience that only our members had.

We are doing many more screenings with Vanity Fair . They will NOT be posted on our calendar THE DATES insert link because this only for our INVITATION ONLY members (link) which is our paid VIP membership plus we include our influencers list as well as other VIPs

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