WE love this item. CHARLOTTE TILSBURY EYES TO MESMERIZE  $32.00 Its the best eyeshadow ever. But the bonus it that its perfect for those girls who want to work out and then run out to an event and still have those eyes perfect. just add a little mascara. It comes in 6 colors our fav is Jean for sparkly eyes that pop. It’s  long-wearing, with a “glide-on” consistency with “soft-focus illuminating pigments” that will “smooth over lines and imperfections.IT LIST ITEM PURCHASE DETAILS

Mario Badescu Skin Care Vitamin C Serum
We also love Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum for a daily boost for your skin!! After a workout and good night sleep you wake up feeling refreshed with the youthful glow. ITS A MUST HAVE. ITLIST ITEM PURCHASE DETAIL- Just click image