This Spring 2016 denim is still king, intact its king queen prince princess its all over the fashion hierarchy. We see it with high heels, flats, white sneakers, lace up flats & the black heel & wedge. There cropped skinnies, cropped flared, cropped descontructed but definelty crop. White, grey, black light dark, THen high waited low. Flare skinnies boyfriend. So basically you could spend every day buying a new pair. So we will break down for th emus haves then you can decide or your bank account will decide if you can go double dip for more.


MUIST HAVES1) Cropped Cropped Cropped. You must have cropped. THere are skinny crops flared deconstructed. We love the crop so we will use it in 2 of our picks. So definetly a crop flare with a deconstructed wash and edges Blank NYC $240 2) Flared skinnies in dark wash for super sex appeal or maybe white one because your regular length white ones are not as white as they used to be. Current Eliot $240 3) light wash like your old levis used to be or for you millenials the ones you Kylie & Gigi wearing with the high waist. Either way a light worn wash to the ankle maybe high waisted is a must have now through the year. With white shirt and block heel or white kick, or ankle boot its a must! Golden Goose $565 4) Flare the ones you see in 70’s but not as extreme and def more modern.They are perfect for weekend or dress down fridays or out to da club with heels so high and shirt so low! 70’s wouldn’t know what  hit them. Our Fav is from Frame, Le High Carlie Flare $240 5) FInally we love black but we like the total deconstructed black skinnies almost like leggings but with deconstructed faded but not the ones with the big slits that yours knees show. These are hard to find but they are ripped and shredded just enough for edgy look but not like you found it dumpster. R!# Kate jean $ 345  ALL STYLE AVAILABLE ON NET A

Hope this helps. If you want more suggestions let us know. We are getting them all !

Citizens of Humanity