Get Those Crayola’s Out & Start Coloring- Adult Coloring the newest trend

Coloring books are no longer just for the kids. In fact, adult coloring books are all the rage right now. And while researchers and art therapists alike have touted the calming benefits for over a decade, it’s childhood favorite Crayola that’s gotten adult coloring books some serious grown-up attention. The famous crayon makers just launched a set of markers, colored pencils and a collection of adult coloring books, Coloring Escapes, last month.

The once-niche hobby has now grown into a full-on trend, with everyone from researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal suggesting coloring as an alternative to meditation. Here’s why you might want to open a page and say ahhhhhh. good for thoughtful ness focus and therapy , Better then nediataiotn
According to, adults should skip the crayons and go straight for the colored pencils (precision is everything when it comes to tuning in). And Crayola has a complete guide that shows how to take your tools up a notch by blending colors, shading and adding highlights and lowlights to your newfound masterpieces. Now get scribbling!
TImberland has fully endorsed this trend by making it their new advertiser coampiagn focus on millenials who have taken this tredn as part oftheir ” aim adulating hashtage and the way they look at the transition form college into the adult world
Millennials are really embracing coloring books. It’s something you can do with your hands without electronics bothering you a million times a second,” said Craig Skinner, business leader for Crayola Color Escapes, a line of adult coloring books that launched in September 2015. Crayola promotes the books widely on social media, reposting feedback from customers like, “Yes, I’m 28. Yes, I bought the adult coloring kit.” Look for  our own coloring book at events coming up #GETONTHELIST
In March, Timberland ran a four-page coloring book ad in Marie Claire featuring illustrations of fashion blogger Erica Lavelanet in various New York City locales, and hosted coloring events at its stores in New York and Chicago. “Millennials are really embracing the coloring book trend, and we loved the idea of tapping into that,” said Mike Isabella, director of customer engagement at Timberland. “It really brought our ads to life.”
You have your chance to meet Erica at the Timberland store on April 21 form 6:30-8:30pm hosted by Marie Claire. So #getonthelist start coloring and shopping. RSVP to