Get out your Jackie Bag!! GUCCI is back!


We are so excited that Gucci has finally gotten it right!!! I have been wondering when that would happen. I have been waiting with my Jackie Bag , my Boho Powell & some others ¬†deciding whether to consign them or not! I still wear them but not with the same proud way I used to. Bu then I just saw this invite from Bergdorf’s and saw their collection and WOW its the IT BAG all over again. So to all you consignment stores that want my ¬†bags for 150 or 300 forget it. They are worth much more to me and to those who appreciate the genus of Gucci. Now everyone will see especially those who never got to experience the glory of the Gucci Tom Ford Days. So wear your Jackie and your GG logo and your gold horse bit with pride! Head out to the event and see for yourself. Or just see below how the bag never goes out of style!