What to EAT, WEAR & DO on Thanksgiving

1) EAT- So there are so many of the amazing restaurants in NYC that are open on Thanksgiving each with their own spin, For a French interpretation go to Orsay, American decadence there is nothing better than The Four Season’s and your own tableside turkey is carved for you, For you non traditionalists maybe Mr. Chow can make you a special Peking Duck, even one the pilgrims would love. Last for those who want a mellow holiday hit anyone of the nostalgic Big Daddy’s for milkshake and some pie!

2) EAT- If you have decided to cook, first good luck; second, you must check out Williams Sonoma where you can order some of the many fab things. Anything from a full 5-course meal to a cranberry mold. Bring out your inner Mario Batali or for you traditionalist Betty Crocker & do it spectacularly.

3) WEAR- We just love Minnie Rose & if you want to rock it like a celebrity this Thanksgiving then check out the The Minnie Rose Cashmere and Rabbit Fur Duster that Selma Blair is wearing. Perfect in any color for watching Macy’s Day Parade inside or out!

4) WEAR- When dressing up you must not forget your toes and hands! We are in love with Chanel’s new nail polish Malice & yes you will inflict injury if you don’t get your hands on this limited edition polish. It’ the perfect shade of deep cranberry which of course is perfect for Thanksgiving and all the holiday delights!

5) DO- Start planning a trip during your Thanksgiving days off! What about heading to the Sundance Film Festival– January 17-2, 2013. Ski, Party, Relax, Network, Celebrity Spotting, See a film or even a buy one,
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