After the success with its Le Rouge pop up Chanel has launched a permanent pop up.

After making a splash with its oh-so-Instagrammable pop-ups last year, Chanelis finally launching a permanent shop dedicated to all things beauty. The French fashion house officially opens the doors to New York’s Atelier Beauté today, and it’s a beauty lover’s dream come true.

Located at 120.5 Wooster St. in Soho, the shop is a brand-new concept for Chanel. Stocked with makeup, skincare and fragrance products, the studio-style space offers guests a very personalized experience.

Upon entry, they can store their bags and items in a locker and then use their phones to create an online profile, which allows them to keep track of and organize the products they test out and like as well as book future beauty appointments at the boutique.

The store is divided into several different “zones,” each featuring products for a different stage in the beauty-ritual process: Cleanse, Care, Skin Enhancers, Face Definers, Eye Definers, Lip Color, Skin Service, Atelier Parfum, Private Vanities and Coco Lab.

And because this is Chanel, it isn’t your average beauty experience. Most of the zones are self-explanatory, but a few are more unique. In the Skin Service zone, for example, the in-house Atelier Guide will select products for you based on your specific needs. The “Complete Your Routine” consultation (cost: $12) is geared toward those who don’t wish to stray too far from their current skincare regimen, while “Create Your Routine” ($18) is for shoppers looking for something totally new. Both come with samples (three for “Complete,” five for “Create”) and a skincare plan.

At Private Vanities guests get a consultation with one of the makeup Artists-in-Residence, while Coco Lab proves that even a classic institution like Chanel is here for millennials. It’s all about @WeLoveCoco, Chanel’s entirely beauty-focused Instagram account—think of it as a fancy photo booth for crafting peak #content.

The shop’s makeup services include both application appointments ($75 to $100) and lessons ($75 to $95), where you can learn a specific cosmetics skill like creating the perfect cat eye or spotless contour.

Chanel will host a number of workshops and activations with beauty experts in the coming months, though it hasn’t officially announced any details. No word yet on if Atelier Beauté will follow in the footsteps of the fashion house’s recent Le Rouge pop-up, which unveiled exclusive items like a $30,000 crystal perfume, but we’re expecting to see some equally luxe surprises soon enough.