Remix New York Fashion Week

Like many New Yorkers, I have attended and worked Fashion Week for years and experienced the best in runway shows and events first-hand. I am always seeking news way to change up this experience and so here are my top tips to remix your Fashion Week and view fashion in a whole new way.

  • Walk a Different Catwalk – There are amazing fashion shows that take place away from the hub at Lincoln Center. If you go off the beaten path and attend the off-site shows, you can discover amazing up and coming designers. These types of shows are usually more exclusive and intimate, making an invite that much more special.
  • Up Close and Personal – Fashion Week designers have created different experiences that give attendees the chance to really experience a collection. Certain shows now showcase stationary models ena

    bling attendees to walk right up and get a close look at the fashion.  Lounges have also become popular, especially the pop-up lounge at the Empire Hotel ( will be there!), where attendees can learn about new products and enjoy exclusive takeaways. An added bonus to both of these experiences, since there is no seating, it's a great opportunity to mingle shoulder-to-shoulder with celebrities!

  • Mix & Mingle – Besides the runway shows, the Fashion Week parties are a highlight. Whether it is a party for a designer, a store opening or a great sale, this is a time to take advantage of getting into places that are otherwise impossible.
  • Dress to Impress – Fashion Week is when the city’s best style is on display and Robin recommends joining in. Whether it is over-the-knee leopard boots, a neon skirt or smoky purple shadow, Fashion Week is the best time to try out a new trend or put on an item of clothing that you’ve been hesitant to wear.